AHIA 2012
April 11, 2009
This party is by private invitation only. If you know our number and would like to
attend: CALL =)

A very special Easter Egg Hunt......AHIA 2012 style!

Saturday, April 11th. Egg hunt may start around 6pm. The eggs will be PRE-STUFFED
with our special dessert candy.

EggHunt and Menu
We'll have some simple food to throw on the BBQ. Vegetarians, we will not forget

A very sexy Bunny will be hiding the goodies for us all around our new place. After
the hunt we can all mix & match and swap  till we've got the goodies of our choice. Be
ready to barter and/or make your friends do ridiculous things to get the candy of
their choice out of your greedy little hands.  
After the shenanigans we PARTY!!!!!

Yes, dress up!!! We suggest your best Bunny outfit but we'll leave the creativity up
to you. Also, bring a (decorated?) easter egg basket. Yes, you will need a basket to
gather up your goodies.

This party is by private invitation only.