Movies in the Back Country  March 22-23, 2008

Update: December 15, 2007
AHIA 2012

MAN-O-Fest Destiny:
Burning Man, 2008
Burning Man 2008 is sold out. Last minute tickets may be found online. Please be aware of fake tix!

AHIA 2012
Dear Gigsvillians,
You have been Fucko’D!

We do here and now officially claim this camp in the name of the
Federated Do-ocracy of Fuckos and all other newly adopted
colonies of the Federation that is Tiki Fuckos, AHIA 2012, &
Broken Staples.

From this day forth, this area of the playa will be recognized as  
"Completely fucko'd";  a colony of Our Drunken  federated

And this claim is by the Sacred right of our Man-o-fest destiny---
to overspread and Multiply--- for the smashed Debauchery of our
Ever Inebriated fuckos

You are Hereby Compelled to possess the whole of the playa
which the Man has given us for the development of this Great
Excuse for jackassery and the federated Do-acracy entrusted
to us.

All newly formed colonies are requested to attend the fucko-
ization ceremony at the crapital  
(tiki fucko camp @ 8:30 and A) on
Thursday, August 28, at dusk, for your official induction into
the fucko federation.  

All colonies will be charged a Booze tax  in the interest of
Debauchery for all.

(In other words, please please please bring Booze and mixers or any other contributions for the cause. Simple, but good,
"American" burgers & hotdogs, will be served along with opportunities to compete for the sacred golden plungers.)
Man-O-Fest Destiny
The beginning of the end

Email to TikiFuckos
July 15, 2008


This is an update or news on how the TFs plan on
representing this year's BM theme, "The American Dream,"
or something like that. WTF is the american dream, you ask?
Well, after pouring through hours and hours and hours of
dusty history books, (or perhaps just 8 too many beers)
we shat out  

*drum roll*

PLAYAFEST DESTINY!!! (Later morphed into MAN-O-fest Destiny. Thank you Viagra!)

(OK ok. For those of you that obviously didn't crack open your American mythology books and are currently scratching
your heads going WTF?!?, Google "Manifest Destiny United States" read, enjoy, cringe, and then continue reading this

                                                                                       Playfest Destiny
                                                                                       What could be the american dream any more than                           
                                                                                        using our god given rights to invade other camps,                            
                                                                                        conscript, and civilize (or syphilize)? We plan to  use                        
                                                                                        Monday through Thursday to invade and conquer                            
                                                                                        other camps. How do we do this? With a FLAG, of                            
                                                                                        course. We will be making 200 flags with which to                             
                                                                                        conquer other camps. The flags will inform the                                  
                                                                                        citizens of their new found "freedom", applicable                               
                                                                                        taxes, and citizenship party. As any good godwarring                        
                                                                                        county does, we will then mandate that our subjects                         
                                                                                        continue Playfest Destiny by joining our army and taking over other

Trailer Trash

A second running theme for the American dream will be redneck trailer trash. Our camp will appropriately be decked out in
all its political glamour with toilets, plungers, scrub brushes, pink flamingos, etc. You get the point, right? If we're lucky we'll
have "The Crapitol" to house our leader's throne. (a toilet, of course hehe)

Induction/Citizenship ceremony
We will celebrate our love for freedom loving people with an induction/citizenship ceremony on Thursday night. All citizens
will be required to pay their taxes, BOOZE, (of course!) in order to participate. This will generally be designed as a kick
back social. Ideas for cheap and simple food are the all-american hotdog and hamburger (hold the Freedom Fries please.)

Freedom Games
We will celebrate our conquests the way any
civilized group does, by subjecting our subjects to
cruel and dirty gladiator events. Some ideas are:

1: Plunger relay races

2. Bobbing for turds

3. Steal the Cockring

4. Cock Fighting (plungers in the pants, eh?)

Winners will be awarded a golden scrub brush and
plunger crown.